Nothing will be the same

Almost everyone knows that times have changed. And they keep changing every day that passes. Faster and faster. And the world of gastronomy is part of this whole changing. And you have to know accommodate the century, to changes, the needs of new fashions, trends. To this. Now you can not live names, label, old grandmother's recipes (but should not be missed, should not be the bulk of supply). And in many towns of our country, Some, enough, Many, still they have not heard. If we add the ineptitude (for being soft) our political leaders in generating possibilities instead of creating conflicts with the unions of Hotel and Restaurant Associations, we reached the bottom of misery.

Sitges, bonita (yet) population of the Mediterranean, located very close to Barcelona, (maybe why it has spread), It is one of these people who is squandering his prestige (and gastronomy is one of the main) forced marches. The average quality of the bulk of its stores are losing a precipitous shape each passing day. Among the old glories of the past century have not been able to get on and increasingly common paella establishments and fideua to porrillo, we find a culinary vacuum scary. Right now, and with few exceptions, that can be counted on the fingers, and some contributions of small restaurants with pretty young people to the stove and an average of five years of experience are bringing new sensations, the rest is in the UVI and with little chance. Sea by wear of lifelong, either by bureaucratic obstacles, either by the few facilities and understanding by the consistory, either by degradation of the average public that goes to the people, either by climate change, Sitges is the shadow of what was. Natives of the place every day feel more strangers in their town and it seems that nobody cares. Definitely, today, autumn 2018, we find it hard to eat well in Sitges. Every day there are fewer people with dignity, sablear quality without offering us food that we making the eyes shine, Salivary automatically and notice that feeling of happiness so hard to explain when it occurs, but increasingly difficult to remember the time rarely happens to us. Sitges, nothing will ever be the same.

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