OUR BODY, ESE Dumpster.

For many millions of years, man, by excess or defect, He began a strange race. The endless race to increase his intelligence and at the same time and in parallel, of getting your stupidity, its physical envelope, her body, little by little it becomes a sack of manure.

It is true that we have achieved in the last part of the last millennium, a threefold increase life expectancy. Before, die at thirty entered a semblance of normalcy. Now, live more than eighty enters an overwhelming logic.

But make no mistake. We live longer because we have invented more. We do not live more than we care more. Ojito.

Medicine has evolved, chemicals applied to the human body have been corrected diseases and defects, prostheses have made us small terminators, electronics has forced us to create words unthinkable a few years ago…we are, in some cases, cybernetic organisms, cyborgs potential.

But instead, on things eating, in food, a basic issue for the survival of the species, we have become garbage dumps with legs. how ironic.

We want to be immortal and one of the things that can kill us is what we eat to live longer. If that's not being stupid…

and many years ago we started eating junk. Inventions applied to food have managed to put the reach of many products that previously took little. Inventions applied to food production have achieved that we have seasonal produce almost three hundred and sixty five days of the year. But…at the expense of?

transgenic, processed, additives, corrective, industrially produced foods have led us to ingest daily, often almost unknowingly, and other ignoring it stupid, Illogical quantities of materials little or no compatible with the proper functioning of the human body.

And that is not the maximum consumption of lead , and this is only an example to the random, Must be from 0,68 mg / kg body weight at day.

This does not help us if we do not know how much lead is in the foods we commonly consume, in fish, in the meat, in processed,  considering that everyday products already contain the metal, though in infinitesimal proportions tell us, we are not going to affect anything. Well worth, if I say, I'm calmer.

The tranquility that makes me know that things like potatoes, sliced ​​bread and tap water containing this metal, that if, as we noted above, in microscopic proportions nano, but I, to this day, unknown.

Cows ate grass. that naturally, Sano, how fantastic. But now, I can assure, most cows that eat his flesh and drink his milk eat feed. I think processing. Even eating grass…as is the grass at the level of pesticide, fungicidal, chemicals added? Someone can answer me?

And that's just one example. We would be horrified if we knew index of heavy metals they contain some of the fish we consume daily. But a relentlessly we hear the song … limit consumption of heavy materials in an adult person 75 kg average weight is never exceeded by eating a daily seabass. Well worth, if I say, I'm calmer.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. A little scratch the first layer of scab appears more and more shit, and pardon the expression. So my indignation at the time of writing this article, I think not be the last. Because every day that passes I'm more dumbfounded.

meantime, in our neighborhoods proliferate each day more containers of all colors…blue for paper and cardboard, white for medical waste, yellow for plastic and cans, green for glass, brown for organic, gray for what makes us doubt…

And I wonder… what color should be painted us…?


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