If we go straight to the three ask header or title, probably with fewer problems we will be with the pretty. Despite many circumstances, Sitges continues to provide wonderful places, streets narrow and not very crowded, singular houses, and many postcard images that certainly we rejoice in sight and heart. As for what to eat in Sitges BUENO…for good, there we already at a point slightly complicadillo. I will not say that you eat in Sitges bad overall, Neither that, but if it is true that the bar is not very high. A good percentage of restaurants continue to offer quality products, proximity, (Now it is very fashionable) but that if, developed as a lifetime. A paella is paella, one fideuá is a fideuá and risotto, for that, It remains a risotto. That may be one of the problems of the thing. A dish can be good, contain a quality ingredients, blue, blue, blue, but (and that always from my point of view), if not excited, If no emotion, if something is not moving you inside occasionally, because bad business. further, a few years now, Sitges have proliferated in many restaurants, bars and places where feeds, those known as fast food. Pizzerias, Chinese restaurants, Chinese reconverted to Japanese, pakistanies…

The thing to belong to a globalized world has these little (the great, depending on how you look) disadvantages. And the proliferation of many such establishments ago, naturally, the average overall qualities of the sector as a point lower.

The nearest environment has hustler much in recent years, offer much improved, And ultimately, the world, and gastronomic is an absolute change process.

And before finishing, Then let the matter also hurts…CHEAP?

I think while eating in Sitges stopped being cheap. Today, for the same, in a beach area no more than 25 minute drive, we can find the same offer at least one 25% cheaper and in many cases, with a friendly service, more professional and more grateful.

as friends will not end the thing, but paint will not end well unless they can do, They regain their dignity, professionalism and expertise. Because we are sure that with a little goodwill for each and every part, things can improve significantly. And only is the view of an observer who takes over 30 years living in this place.

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