PHRASES lapidary, TODAY "Good value for money"

There are phrases that I've never found the way beyond the evidence they have in themselves. Is very clear that in all things in life, we seek always the best, and at the same time,  try to pay for them what we think are really worth…(or at least, It should be like that…)

I do not understand it, as this phrase often used to give added value, a plus of confidence, extra security to what we buy or consume.

Today we will look back to this phrase applied to the world of restaurants, gastronomy in general.

It is an undeniable weight, all of us, or at the least I think, because otherwise, we go wrong, We seek eat well at a good price. What is clear is that here an almost infinite range of variants opens…As we want to spend? Which we believe is a fair price? Which it is what we want to eat?

Not the same ask a simple garden salad seasoned with bulk oil (that remains in restaurants, little word) with a reed, to ask for a piece of meat exclusive, cooked to the point, accompanied by foie gras class 1 and washed down with a glass of French champagne.

But…What if we charge the price that we think it is this second option that I have presented, for a salad oil and a hot bulk cane and with four fingers foam?

That's the thing. Not so much the economic value we paid for a meal or dinner , but whether we agree with what we paid for what we have eaten.

A few years ago we proposed a client of the sector that wanted to advertise your restaurant through radio, issue a message that more or less said so…

“If after dinner, to the exit of the restaurant, first thing he says is how well it has supped, Congratulations. If the first thing that talks is the bill that has had to pay, we go wrong. restaurant (x) …we try to be the first. Give us confidence”.

And that I think is the kid of the question. A menu of 80 € can be dirt cheap if the environment, the product, the service, presentation and processing are up. 10 € menu can be very expensive if the lettuce is softened, dark aqueous, if oil dressing knows rays and if the glass of beer is hot and with four fingers foam.

It's not so much what you pay for things, but really those things, have the value you paid for them. And frankly, in both cases, the 80 € and 10 € we find too many surprises when the lapidary phrase to remember the title of this article.

Many of us have suffered in our flesh and in our portfolios this kind of derision? Hands up who do not know that is the thing.

Ojito because, to see if they end up looking for another lapidary to close the topic…

“Many times, I cheated sale caro” … There's that.



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