We are FOOLS, SIMON. And we have no solution.

Not many years ago, less than fifty, It was not unusual to see on television ads snuff. Winston, Marlboro o Lucky Strike eran “commercial” with all men chest hair, and many women also, IDENTIFY they felt @ s. The snuff was cool.

Eventually it was discovered that in addition molar, I could also kill. But of course, As everything in life, it was tinged killing. The amount consumed, the quality of the snuff, the intake of the resulting smoke and other factors impinged very much affectation. Whatever the case, pressure on large companies grew up to today, where consumption of cigarettes and cigars has decreased outrageous.

And advertising has gone absolutely, and includes, in packaging of these products, images and phrases that remind us of the diseases that can produce consumption.

But…ah! friends…like many other things in our daily lives…we are a series of questions to the head…

Does more harm consumption of a couple or three cigars a month or more 20.000 Sometimes we breathe every day, including car fumes, trucks, tourist liners, industries, planes, Diabolical and pans?

Does more harm consumption of a couple or three cigars a month to eat a dozen wieners, lots of burgers processed or a handful of envelopes fiambre suspiciously pink color?

There's the question kit. The amount of sweeteners, thickeners, acidulantes, antioxidants, preservatives and two hundred more things ending in “before” containing all those processed foods harm us more or less than a two or three cigars a month?

Plus, with an aggravating. If all these edible products that contain ingredients known chemicals and processed most likely can affect our health…because they leave advertise on television and not the snuff?

Understand perfectly that if our food was only based on natural products, chicken farm, broccoli without insecticides, free chicken eggs, spring water and fruit without any treatment, We give cane butt theme.

but modestly, I do not think that this is the case. Buy chips treated chemically flavored Iberian ham or chemical cockle. We buy bakery products made with palm oil and coconut, refined and processed ultra.

We buy ham that is neither ham nor york. Buy precooked with enough preservatives to be spend a week in the refrigerator and stay with the same look suspicious.

Buy bread, Snow White treated with chemicals that make the stay unchanged as long as necessary in the cupboard. We gobbled pizza pizzas only have the form and label.

The question is…all that, even little by little…It does not kill us too?

This proved that everything that enters our body in large quantities can adversely affect. If we eat every day half dozen hot dogs and hamburgers as much of fries throughout our lives, Surely this will be much shorter.

The same, if we smoked half a dozen cigars every day, surely our lungs, tongue and palate are at the limit of collapse soon.

But things, right on, will affect us exactly, right on. A couple or three cigars a month, Two hot dogs a week, a pizza of charge every fortnight or a bag of potato chips flavored Chinese radish once a month or a tub of ice cream with macadamia chemical flavor, surely they affect us more or less the same.

The difference is that when smoking, the thing seems the worst of the world. But when it comes to eating all that crap, We also advertised on TV, everything is controlled. And let, and we believe. evidently, there something fails.

I said…we are fools, Simon, and we have no solution.


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