PHRASES lapidary, TODAY "Good value for money"

There are phrases that I've never found the way beyond the evidence they have in themselves. Is very clear that in all things in life, we seek always the best, and at the same time,  try to pay for them what we think are really worth…(or at least, It should be like that…)

I do not understand it, as this phrase often used to give added value, a plus of confidence, extra security to what we buy or consume.

Today we will look back to this phrase applied to the world of restaurants, gastronomy in general.

It is an undeniable weight, all of us, or at the least I think, because otherwise, we go wrong, We seek eat well at a good price. What is clear is that here an almost infinite range of variants opens…As we want to spend? Which we believe is a fair price? Which it is what we want to eat?

Not the same ask a simple garden salad seasoned with bulk oil (that remains in restaurants, little word) with a reed, to ask for a piece of meat exclusive, cooked to the point, accompanied by foie gras class 1 and washed down with a glass of French champagne.

But…What if we charge the price that we think it is this second option that I have presented, for a salad oil and a hot bulk cane and with four fingers foam?

That's the thing. Not so much the economic value we paid for a meal or dinner , but whether we agree with what we paid for what we have eaten.

A few years ago we proposed a client of the sector that wanted to advertise your restaurant through radio, issue a message that more or less said so…

“If after dinner, to the exit of the restaurant, first thing he says is how well it has supped, Congratulations. If the first thing that talks is the bill that has had to pay, we go wrong. restaurant (x) …we try to be the first. Give us confidence”.

And that I think is the kid of the question. A menu of 80 € can be dirt cheap if the environment, the product, the service, presentation and processing are up. 10 € menu can be very expensive if the lettuce is softened, dark aqueous, if oil dressing knows rays and if the glass of beer is hot and with four fingers foam.

It's not so much what you pay for things, but really those things, have the value you paid for them. And frankly, in both cases, the 80 € and 10 € we find too many surprises when the lapidary phrase to remember the title of this article.

Many of us have suffered in our flesh and in our portfolios this kind of derision? Hands up who do not know that is the thing.

Ojito because, to see if they end up looking for another lapidary to close the topic…

“Many times, I cheated sale caro” … There's that.





Even if it looks like a lie, and, friends Yes, there are still people who say that the world has not changed. And it's no joke, They say it because they believe it. It's true what they say or, Conversely, everything has changed to the extent that does not recognize nor his mother fucking?

It is obvious that not all, but some changes can be good. If not for that, maybe we would still be in the stone age to, giving sticks in the head by a piece of raw meat.

Of course, We must find a point in history to place ourselves at the time of transition. And this more clearly that the millennium has been important. Those born after that date, baptized as millennials, you have to put things in English or we are nothing, They are those who have already come up with a tablet, a smarthphone or any of those devices that loads the devil under his arm. They are what has come to be known native technology.

Y…ah! friends…there begins to turn the tables…

There was a time when people were cited, I was going to the park for a walk, of who, or a good restaurant to try the excellences of either cook…Now, people no longer cited. Okay, yes, but through networks to make a little game of God of War, Assassin’s Cred o Resident Evil.

Networks are quote, Today the thing tries to kill a little, see a series of pull on Netflix and ordered a pizza as more ultraprocesada better. And if this is not change friends, God and see it come.

I'm sure that for every ten born after the 2000, nine or the name of Miguel Rios ring a bell, nor they know it is a Spanish rock of the twentieth century and among other songs, He sang that he began as the title of this article.

If you're millennial, no longer visits to the royal park, there is no actual quotes. there is no real departures on Saturday to go to the movies or to a nice restaurant. Go eat a good rice or fideuá, a mixed Escudella or Galician stew does not sound real.

If with 30 years even live in your parents' house, You have no income to afford a dinner spending 40/50 € per person because you have a precarious job or just, you do not have a job, and your world revolves around play station, series and football, pizzas and burgers, how can we be surprised that the restaurants are empty?

It's not one thing. Is a sum of many that make everything has changed profoundly. The philosophy of life of the twentieth century no longer exists. Supplied technology to the actual contact, the fast-food supplied to the real food, virtual to physical replaced.

For the first time in a long time, It is quite possible that a generation, of this we are talking, The one of the millennials, live worse than its predecessor, their parents. Among the they killed and she died alone.

And no citations are given, no longer it is going to the park. A and will, is to make a bottle / Hangout organized through networks. Every day you live and die a few times, and before finishing the day, you look simply, how many likes They have given your false personalities, Others your life and fantasy you've created from virtual.

Now tell me that we have not changed.



Leo today, 19 July 2019, an interview in La Vanguardia a man who I consider my second father.

Every time I read some of these interviews, periodically publish media I find more and more aware of the misery in which we live and the worst, how little we do to try to eradicate.
We live in a world of false modern, of carcasses uncorrupted, of casposos suit of the XXI century when the interior is the fifteenth century
Speaking RICARDO URGELL, In uppercase, because if it deserves, how things have changed. And more things, people. Says the inventor of the brand PACHA, In uppercase, Because it deserves it, of the concept of success, of happiness, of significance, visibility, of the reason for the existence.
And when I compare this man of over eighty years, Catalan Barcelona, discoverer of Sitges when Sitges was a wasteland and inventor of Ibiza when Ibiza was an island unknown to the world, when I liken, I say, with the “birds” that it has touched us luck (bad luck) support as rulers, businessmen, doers of good and bla, blue, blue, I get a weak laugh not like stopping.

The man who invented the nightlife in the world, and, in the world, say well, he has achieved in less than 50 years put his mark on more than one hundred establishments (many more) and it has been dubbed the “Architect night”, thing I never discuss speaks in a transparent manner, diaphanous, simple and honest.
And we discover the true background of the human person in general. We're pretty miserable, unintelligent, disingenuous and quite assholes.
That's nothing. And we are the superior race of the planet!!! For us and will.
Ricardo speaks from his position retired luxury. A couple of years ago he sold his empire to a business group 300 millions of euros. That is the thing. And for the record that Ricardo, the 300 millions who have taken to business, they have been won. Nothing revolving doors, no boards, no prevarications and shenanigans.

Cast, despite the immense amount of obstacles, problems, penalties and fines over the years would have been imposed they do not know who? effectively!!! bingo!!!! policy shift. Large and intelligent politicians and Spanish major smart've been voting, Without knowing that walking shoes, or that deodorant use, or what language they speak in privacy.

In many years, in the history books, this band of petty politicians who a few decades ago has invaded us, will not be more than a mere reference paragraph.
Anyone doubt that in thirty years, one such Rivera, one Sanchez, A married, a church, will not be more than a mere reference paragraph?
for that.
In counterpart, no doubt, when the entertainment system is studied in the twentieth century, how the invention festive night, how music tamed the beasts, how the Flower Power seized the most open minds, Ricardo Urgell with bright letters appear in a special section.
Because throughout history, the few who have had something to do with evolution, Einstein was a physicist Nobel, Newton , their math and physics, Darwin and his theory of evolution of species, They form a group of hard core that has made us much good. In that group, without blushing, I would include Urgell, inventor of nightlife, the happiness of being, of the live and be happy.
It will sound strange, but I see this man more in this group than any of those who now rules the world. Seriously, sad, very bad baba, being born embittered and eager to appear. And jorobar to neighbor, as well.
At the end of everything, the intuition, the vision of happiness and trying to make a better world from the music and entertainment are a very healthy way to approach life.
Read the interview in La Vanguardia, I wonder if you really have over eighty years is the inventor of pasha and cherries or misery in which we as rulers.
Let's see if it will prove that the child is Ricardo, and the “modern” Today they are more outdated than a soup on 1967…


We are FOOLS, SIMON. And we have no solution.

Not many years ago, less than fifty, It was not unusual to see on television ads snuff. Winston, Marlboro o Lucky Strike eran “commercial” with all men chest hair, and many women also, IDENTIFY they felt @ s. The snuff was cool.

Eventually it was discovered that in addition molar, I could also kill. But of course, As everything in life, it was tinged killing. The amount consumed, the quality of the snuff, the intake of the resulting smoke and other factors impinged very much affectation. Whatever the case, pressure on large companies grew up to today, where consumption of cigarettes and cigars has decreased outrageous.

And advertising has gone absolutely, and includes, in packaging of these products, images and phrases that remind us of the diseases that can produce consumption.

But…ah! friends…like many other things in our daily lives…we are a series of questions to the head…

Does more harm consumption of a couple or three cigars a month or more 20.000 Sometimes we breathe every day, including car fumes, trucks, tourist liners, industries, planes, Diabolical and pans?

Does more harm consumption of a couple or three cigars a month to eat a dozen wieners, lots of burgers processed or a handful of envelopes fiambre suspiciously pink color?

There's the question kit. The amount of sweeteners, thickeners, acidulantes, antioxidants, preservatives and two hundred more things ending in “before” containing all those processed foods harm us more or less than a two or three cigars a month?

Plus, with an aggravating. If all these edible products that contain ingredients known chemicals and processed most likely can affect our health…because they leave advertise on television and not the snuff?

Understand perfectly that if our food was only based on natural products, chicken farm, broccoli without insecticides, free chicken eggs, spring water and fruit without any treatment, We give cane butt theme.

but modestly, I do not think that this is the case. Buy chips treated chemically flavored Iberian ham or chemical cockle. We buy bakery products made with palm oil and coconut, refined and processed ultra.

We buy ham that is neither ham nor york. Buy precooked with enough preservatives to be spend a week in the refrigerator and stay with the same look suspicious.

Buy bread, Snow White treated with chemicals that make the stay unchanged as long as necessary in the cupboard. We gobbled pizza pizzas only have the form and label.

The question is…all that, even little by little…It does not kill us too?

This proved that everything that enters our body in large quantities can adversely affect. If we eat every day half dozen hot dogs and hamburgers as much of fries throughout our lives, Surely this will be much shorter.

The same, if we smoked half a dozen cigars every day, surely our lungs, tongue and palate are at the limit of collapse soon.

But things, right on, will affect us exactly, right on. A couple or three cigars a month, Two hot dogs a week, a pizza of charge every fortnight or a bag of potato chips flavored Chinese radish once a month or a tub of ice cream with macadamia chemical flavor, surely they affect us more or less the same.

The difference is that when smoking, the thing seems the worst of the world. But when it comes to eating all that crap, We also advertised on TV, everything is controlled. And let, and we believe. evidently, there something fails.

I said…we are fools, Simon, and we have no solution.




So cool to be a great taster or an expert Sommelier. Explain how a wine, recommend what is best or most appropriate has become a pseudo-profession mola.

But in this field, friends, It is one of the most hare hay hay for the whole world.

Because we understand that it is very difficult to realize, to appreciate, discern between good and evil, real and fake, the bottle and Brick, the glamorous and basics.

Many gurus thing would be willing to a blind tasting?

The danger is so great that many of them fall by the wayside, phrase, Lectures and classes meaningless verbiage.

But it is true that a small percentage of society is touched by the divine aura of magic nose. paradoxically, these are the least privileged hold.

They are simple, humble, and they tend to try to explain in a didactic way which hides the magical world of fine wine or a good cava.

How many “visionary” Thing have finished making fools of themselves in a blind tasting of a wine mistaking 200 Euro bottle with a linear brick supermarket?

Iluminatti many have differentiated qualities of two products when in fact they were the same, hidden in wrappings of deception?

More than three quarters of all this magical world is focused on the perceptions to which our brain often leads. Our brain… The great unknown that stores feelings, moments, circumstances and experiences.

If our great moment of happiness in life has been associated with a brick Don Simon… Someone can guarantee us that, for us, this will not be the best wine in the world every time you drink?

Maybe, it's time to demystify.

Maybe, no wine can be worth more than 25 €

Maybe, are a bit… Okay, that, a bit…







The day when I discovered that CHICKEN IS NOT A SECOND PLATO.

Andan altered times with the pijerío thing when eating. We have become strangers living beings from sending photos of him allegedly eating and comment on how excellent the strangest thing that gets us to the mouth.

Cast, Good, because rather little.

The chicken has become the poor brother of the meat issue. And is explained. The explanation is simply that, chicken so little because we like what we eat, chicken only has the name.

Animals with two legs, two wings and a ridge growing in a few weeks for the warmth of bulbs deceive them, which they give them warmth and help them eat more and faster.

A little chemical in the feed and a light liquid injection when to slaughter , visually look more plump and appetizing do the rest.

From there, is just that we, the born imbeciles we buy that product more like the porexpan than anything else and after cooking without criteria we zampemos with accompanying iceberg salad, another indignity of nature.

The question is drawer… After all this… How can we say we like the chicken?

And one day you, and by chance or not, I believe in coincidences little, you stand in a restaurant in Sitges Komokieras name and you see that on the menu offer “Poultry Boneless chicken with mustard”

And how you distracted, is hot, and cervecita of incoming has set you wonder, although doubts, you, and you order the chicken.

Ah!!!! Friend… There you've given.

When you get to the table chicken, try it, and find out what is really the animal, stew conditions, originating in vicinity, grilled and placed in the hands of a chef really, to you comes the world over.

Come on, chicken raised to the maximum power.

And now I have it clear. Never again will I eat chicken if I'm not going to Komokieras to eat.

Because the end, to find out if a restaurant is good, or sublime terrific just about ordering a salad, Great fries and grilled chicken. That know, perfectly, where have you been.

No need to look for the stars. Imbeciles the world is full.

KOMOKIERAS. Sitges. Thing eating, to another level.





OUR BODY, ESE Dumpster.

For many millions of years, man, by excess or defect, He began a strange race. The endless race to increase his intelligence and at the same time and in parallel, of getting your stupidity, its physical envelope, her body, little by little it becomes a sack of manure.

It is true that we have achieved in the last part of the last millennium, a threefold increase life expectancy. Before, die at thirty entered a semblance of normalcy. Now, live more than eighty enters an overwhelming logic.

But make no mistake. We live longer because we have invented more. We do not live more than we care more. Ojito.

Medicine has evolved, chemicals applied to the human body have been corrected diseases and defects, prostheses have made us small terminators, electronics has forced us to create words unthinkable a few years ago…we are, in some cases, cybernetic organisms, cyborgs potential.

But instead, on things eating, in food, a basic issue for the survival of the species, we have become garbage dumps with legs. how ironic.

We want to be immortal and one of the things that can kill us is what we eat to live longer. If that's not being stupid…

and many years ago we started eating junk. Inventions applied to food have managed to put the reach of many products that previously took little. Inventions applied to food production have achieved that we have seasonal produce almost three hundred and sixty five days of the year. But…at the expense of?

transgenic, processed, additives, corrective, industrially produced foods have led us to ingest daily, often almost unknowingly, and other ignoring it stupid, Illogical quantities of materials little or no compatible with the proper functioning of the human body.

And that is not the maximum consumption of lead , and this is only an example to the random, Must be from 0,68 mg / kg body weight at day.

This does not help us if we do not know how much lead is in the foods we commonly consume, in fish, in the meat, in processed,  considering that everyday products already contain the metal, though in infinitesimal proportions tell us, we are not going to affect anything. Well worth, if I say, I'm calmer.

The tranquility that makes me know that things like potatoes, sliced ​​bread and tap water containing this metal, that if, as we noted above, in microscopic proportions nano, but I, to this day, unknown.

Cows ate grass. that naturally, Sano, how fantastic. But now, I can assure, most cows that eat his flesh and drink his milk eat feed. I think processing. Even eating grass…as is the grass at the level of pesticide, fungicidal, chemicals added? Someone can answer me?

And that's just one example. We would be horrified if we knew index of heavy metals they contain some of the fish we consume daily. But a relentlessly we hear the song … limit consumption of heavy materials in an adult person 75 kg average weight is never exceeded by eating a daily seabass. Well worth, if I say, I'm calmer.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg. A little scratch the first layer of scab appears more and more shit, and pardon the expression. So my indignation at the time of writing this article, I think not be the last. Because every day that passes I'm more dumbfounded.

meantime, in our neighborhoods proliferate each day more containers of all colors…blue for paper and cardboard, white for medical waste, yellow for plastic and cans, green for glass, brown for organic, gray for what makes us doubt…

And I wonder… what color should be painted us…?




From the beginning of time, the way in which the human being to fed has always evolved alongside ourselves. No more than six hundred years ago, life expectancy was one third of the current. People died mostly young by a small handful of reasons…the wars, hunger and epidemics. It was not enough.

Nowadays, these circumstances, everything and still in force, do not affect the increase in world population. Why? A mathematician would tell us that the result of “something twice” It is not always the same. Not the same twice twenty-two. And nowadays, We are multibillion on the planet. To be exact about, Today, 24 April 2019 we become, head up, head down, some 7.565.000.000 …

And, that's, more than seven thousand five hundred million.

But that increase the average life expectancy in humans is, as we said a moment ago, relatively new. When we started to cultivate, shepherding flocks and, more or less, control what we eat without much stress as when we had to hunt, collect and look for life, They start to change things.

But the radical change is when we started to work things to eat, and for our convenience, We can think of store. Grow our pantry. Initially, pantries were very basic…will, Water, cereals, dry meat or fish…

But that becomes complicated when, to try to make our reserves last longer, to increase our pantries. We started to search for items, one way or another, help us preserve food for longer. And salt, smoke, The cans, We are limited. We want more.

And it is here, when we begin to live dangerously, basically because we started eating dangerous things. We started adding additives to the basic things to eat. We begin to process food, or what comes to the same thing, We started digging our own grave.

Nitrites and nitrates, sulfites, benzoate, artificial colorings, sorbatos, flavor enhancers, acidity regulators, emulsifiers, phosphates, thickeners, sweeteners…and we began to eat, Without us realizing, and numbers in parentheses industrial quantity…(E-249, E-250, E-251, E-252, E-211, E-210, E-213, E-212, E-300, E-201, E-202, E-203, E-220, E-221, E-223, E-224, E-468, E-469, E-433, E-951, E-950, E-339, E-954, E-955, E-967, E-968) …They are just some of the substances, in its most chemical, day after day we introduce into our body.

And, our average life expectancy has increased, we are more on the planet, but it is also true that, diseases that lead us to another neighborhood that are now everyday and we accept as part of our share of existence, They did not exist before the food began to be processed. Since there were many diseases that decimated civilizations when Europeans went to great discoverers “colonize” new worlds.

Things like high blood pressure, the obesity, diabetes, cancer in many of its facets, allergies according to types of food components, to gluten, etc. Half a century ago there were no. They appeared when we started adding, process food.

It has altered sense of a food color to make it look more appealing to the eye, thicken a liquid consistency that is more pleasing to the palate, enhance the flavor of a plant, correct the acidity of a sauce?

I do not think so. the bad, is that many of us, We never look at the back of a food package in search of all these additives. simply, We ignore them and we eat them. We eat the parentheses, letters and numbers of all these artificial additives. Not that we complained.


GREEN GOLD, the great unknown

There are race Guatemalteca. And Mexican. Even Antillean origin. They can be distinguished by the color of the yolk, and we're not talking about eggs. They are also distinguished by the size of the fruit, That already is an important clue. The characteristics of the skin, the amount of pulp, by seed size and very visual, by the shape of each piece, because although its generic name is the same, its shape is variable.

When we entered the organoleptic nuances, We discover an unknown world for many ... hints of walnut or even anise, creamy texture more or less, smoked memories ... that things!!!

Occur almost 200.000 tons per year , there is said, and because of the volume of business that is moving production around the world it has come to be called "green gold".

Most of us visit your local store, and the more you get to do is tighten your skin rough to check the maturity index. If it sinks just enough for us to believe that it is the point, We feel we are a great person skilled in the. And it will be that mind, We have rather low, because not everyone is ready when its maturity is greater, the more consistent, with different textures, as we mentioned a moment ago.

effectively, we are talking about avocado. Okay, of the generic avocado, because each of them is her father and mother, and it has been christened as original and diverse names like Reed, Bernecker, Zutano, bacón, Strong, Pinkerton, Lamb Hass, Creole, Nabal, Miguel, Lula, Brogdon, Simmons, Russell…

Seeing display size would not hurt names in some shops, had the detail to give us some clue more concrete so that we can, besides reading "avocado" knowledge source, characteristics and particularities, that does not take place to know, and less nowadays everything is in networks and often like to consult us to be more informed.

Curious world of avocados. At some point we'll talk about apples, they also have fabric.



If we go straight to the three ask header or title, probably with fewer problems we will be with the pretty. Despite many circumstances, Sitges continues to provide wonderful places, streets narrow and not very crowded, singular houses, and many postcard images that certainly we rejoice in sight and heart. As for what to eat in Sitges BUENO…for good, there we already at a point slightly complicadillo. I will not say that you eat in Sitges bad overall, Neither that, but if it is true that the bar is not very high. A good percentage of restaurants continue to offer quality products, proximity, (Now it is very fashionable) but that if, developed as a lifetime. A paella is paella, one fideuá is a fideuá and risotto, for that, It remains a risotto. That may be one of the problems of the thing. A dish can be good, contain a quality ingredients, blue, blue, blue, but (and that always from my point of view), if not excited, If no emotion, if something is not moving you inside occasionally, because bad business. further, a few years now, Sitges have proliferated in many restaurants, bars and places where feeds, those known as fast food. Pizzerias, Chinese restaurants, Chinese reconverted to Japanese, pakistanies…

The thing to belong to a globalized world has these little (the great, depending on how you look) disadvantages. And the proliferation of many such establishments ago, naturally, the average overall qualities of the sector as a point lower.

The nearest environment has hustler much in recent years, offer much improved, And ultimately, the world, and gastronomic is an absolute change process.

And before finishing, Then let the matter also hurts…CHEAP?

I think while eating in Sitges stopped being cheap. Today, for the same, in a beach area no more than 25 minute drive, we can find the same offer at least one 25% cheaper and in many cases, with a friendly service, more professional and more grateful.

as friends will not end the thing, but paint will not end well unless they can do, They regain their dignity, professionalism and expertise. Because we are sure that with a little goodwill for each and every part, things can improve significantly. And only is the view of an observer who takes over 30 years living in this place.


Nothing will be the same

Almost everyone knows that times have changed. And they keep changing every day that passes. Faster and faster. And the world of gastronomy is part of this whole changing. And you have to know accommodate the century, to changes, the needs of new fashions, trends. To this. Now you can not live names, label, old grandmother's recipes (but should not be missed, should not be the bulk of supply). And in many towns of our country, Some, enough, Many, still they have not heard. If we add the ineptitude (for being soft) our political leaders in generating possibilities instead of creating conflicts with the unions of Hotel and Restaurant Associations, we reached the bottom of misery.

Sitges, bonita (yet) population of the Mediterranean, located very close to Barcelona, (maybe why it has spread), It is one of these people who is squandering his prestige (and gastronomy is one of the main) forced marches. The average quality of the bulk of its stores are losing a precipitous shape each passing day. Among the old glories of the past century have not been able to get on and increasingly common paella establishments and fideua to porrillo, we find a culinary vacuum scary. Right now, and with few exceptions, that can be counted on the fingers, and some contributions of small restaurants with pretty young people to the stove and an average of five years of experience are bringing new sensations, the rest is in the UVI and with little chance. Sea by wear of lifelong, either by bureaucratic obstacles, either by the few facilities and understanding by the consistory, either by degradation of the average public that goes to the people, either by climate change, Sitges is the shadow of what was. Natives of the place every day feel more strangers in their town and it seems that nobody cares. Definitely, today, autumn 2018, we find it hard to eat well in Sitges. Every day there are fewer people with dignity, sablear quality without offering us food that we making the eyes shine, Salivary automatically and notice that feeling of happiness so hard to explain when it occurs, but increasingly difficult to remember the time rarely happens to us. Sitges, nothing will ever be the same.


CAVA BERTHA . Solidarity sense.


From here, congratulations capitalized to this joint action Cava Bertha, and the hand of their representatives, Josep Torres and Gemma Flaqué, also brothers Aleix and Pol Espargaró, drivers participating in the championship of the world of motoGP, Oriol Gené, i as designer ALEX, the little that has successfully overcome his leukemia from its income and subsequent treatment in Hospital San Juan de Dios from Barcelona. A thanks also to Emma Perrier, department responsible for giving attention to the latter entity, we did see through his words, the hardness of living this situation.

All this has resulted in a commemorative bottle is available in the cava Bertha own or also online, through

The resulting benefits, naturally, goes to research into this disease. Definitely, a good sparkling wine to toast a good deed.


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